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We have developed Core Realtime - a SaaS based Customer Experience Management platform.

Core Realtime enables companies to a keep a finger on the customer pulse 24x7. Core Realtime produces intelligent customer insights for companies by gathering external data (Voice of the Customer) via surveys and allowing this data to be correlated with internal company data in real-time. This unique approach leads to a richer set of analytics and insights on both the customer and on companies business in realtime

Listening and capturing customer feedback; Net Promoter Score (NPS), Customer Satisfaction, Customer Effort and other customer experience metrics; is the first step in improving your overall customer experience.

The second step is interpreting the captured data into insights. Using Core Realtime, companies will be able to capture feedback across various channels in real-time. Every piece of customer feedback gathered by Core Realtime is analysed and measured which allows a personalised and automated way to act and close the customer feedback loop in real-time. We automate the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) and Natural language processing (NLP) for text analysis so that companies get more from each customer engagement.

Core Realtime evaluates the aggregated data and creates beautifully presented reports that will help companies monitor and understand where they are doing well and where improvement is required.


Core Realtime has been deployed to businesses such as DHL and government agencies such as Sustainable Energy Authority Of Ireland.

Looking for resellers with a portfolio of existing customers and a strong track record.

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