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Flokzu is a cloud app to define and automate document workflows between people who perform different tasks in an organization or team. It lets you have in just one place every form, document or file, search through them, manage pending tasks and create alerts, eliminating the need of complex spreadsheets and endless emails.


Flokzu can be marketed by business partners from all around the globe.


In order to represent Flokzu in commercial relationships with end customers, each business partner must:

? have read and understood the current Service Plans

? maintain the highest ethical standards in every commercial transaction

? declare and reserve every lead (opportunity) he/she is working on

Partner Commissions

The partner will receive the agreed commission for every purchase the customer makes:

? for a period of 10 years since the sale is made.

? the agreed partner commission is 50% (subject to conditions)

? Flokzu will charge full price to the customer, and will then pay the commission to the partner.

? the partner is responsible for local taxes and banking charges.

Partner commercial responsibilities

The partner should make all reasonable efforts to:

? purchase a monthly Standard/Premium license to show advanced features to customers and show commitment

? visit the customer at least once a month

? detect opportunities to grow in the customer (more workflows, more users)

? detect any possible insatisfaction and promptly notify Flokzu about it.

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