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A1Logic is a software company. We have developed a next generation hypervisor enforced Data Loss Prevention (DLP) endpoint protection software product called A1DLP that STOPS data breaches using harware & math.

A1DLP endpoint protection:

> Protects data from Malicious Insiders

> Assumes Infected/Lost/Stolen Device

> Assumes Compromised Networks

> Algorithmically protects data against constantly changing attack patterns

> For the first time in the industry, the IT administrators can control WWW:

WHO opens

WHAT data on

WHICH device

> Integrates with the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) trend and with cloud

> Transparent to legacy applications and unmodified popular applications and Users

> “Military Grade” approaches

> Hardware-enforced Hypervisor isolation

> High strength cryptography.


We are seeking Channel Partners who can market, distribute, systems integrate (SI), perform after-sales service, including Level 1 technical support to their own customer base and sphere of influence.

Come join the A1Logic Sales & Support network in providing cutting “bleeding” edge technology that STOPS Data Breaches.

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