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IPFingerprint is a bespoke lead-generation platform that empowers B2Bs to grow faster by unlocking the hidden potential in website traffic.

By revealing which businesses are interacting with a website, viewing services and products, but not enquiring, we empower our clients to convert more of their ready-to-buy 'passive traffic' before it goes elsewhere.

We're a rarity in our industry because we do things the hard way. Where most visitor-tracking services use only database-automation, we go one better and do bespoke live-lookups. If our automated process doesn't detect a business visiting a site, we'll perform the lookup manually. This way, we can provide our clients with a much higher business-detection rate than any automated solution.

Side-by-side against the market leader, tests have shown up to 35% additional businesses detected. That's 35% more business potential unlocked and at a lower cost.

Commission rate for Resellers: 20% paid up-front and further commission for annual renewals.

Some of our current clients: AON | Saas Plaza | Auto Trader | Red Lorry Yellow Lorry | Job Rapido | Lamb Personnel | Content & Code


We offer free two-week access to run the tool through your site with full access to all features and no auto tie-in subscription when the trial lapses. This way, you can test-visitor tracking with a little guidance from us to evaluate if it has legs long term as a lead-gen strategy.

IPFingerprint offers:

- A view businesses and competitors visiting a website / Page views / Visit duration / Visit source.

- AdWords integration to track the success of campaigns and significantly increase conversion rat from 5% to potentially 45%.

- Individuals' email addresses so you can connect with the right people and win new business.

- Daily discreet email alerts to enable fast response times and quick turnaround.

- Lead Scoring for effective, productive lead filtering and management to deliver the right leads to the right

teams or individuals.

- Scheduled automatic Excel and CSV reports

- CRM integration into Salesforce, Maximizer and MSDynamics

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