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Damen Jackson is a full-service creative Chicago branding agency. We create and manage brand meaning through brand stories and their visual expression: logo and brand identity development, print and digital graphics, and packaging design.

Our offering of brand and design services powerfully connect your story with the values and trends found in the culture.

Our work reflects the unending passion for creativity and enthusiasm with which we visually and verbally translate our clients’ brand stories across multiple touch points.

Your brand has a story; Damen Jackson will help you tell it.


For both B2B and B2C companies, Successful brands’ stories are original, fresh and often disruptive. Jack Daniels shifted brand prestige from the status of the drinker to the art of the distiller. Volvo abandoned sleek and speedy for boxy and made it the new symbol of safe. As brands tell their stories through ads, publicity and word-of-mouth they craft the brand meaning that proclaims what they stand for and like-minded people buy in.


Successful brands build loyal franchises by evoking values that are important in the culture. The brands are relevant. Think Apple and Google and Volvo and Ralph Lauren. Successful brands find the values that, for the moment, reflect desirable behavior, self-identity, aspirations, life styles. They make these values a part of their brand meaning through the brand stories they tell. Successful brands manage their meaning by keeping their defining values current and relevant. Successful brands always have a clear understanding of the meaning they are creating and managing and the stories they tell.


In every culture there are signs and symbols that are loaded with meaning. Successful brands find these graphic meaning-makers and use them in brand stories and brand messages to evoke the values that are essential to their brand meaning.


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