Best Database software channel partners and resellers worldwide

Database applications are widely used by businesses all over the world to store, edit and manage data in a structured way. Data are stored in tables usually so information can be easily retrieved directly or through programmatic access, while at the same time these applications use an interface to help users further. Although the database market is quite large it is expected to grow more by 2026 as the needs for storing data is growing. Channel companies like resellers and IT consultants can benefit from this growth to resell database applications and help with the process of implementation, training and support their customers.

Below is a list of the best database channel partners, resellers, VARs, consultants etc. that either offer such tools currently or are looking to partner with a new vendor to add more products to their portfolio.

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Simple Systems Limited

The flagship disk storage systems of HPE

  • Hong Kong
  • Unit 808, 8/F., Kowloon Plaza, 485 Castle Peak Road, Cheung Sha Wan, Kowloon

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