Best Conferencing software channel partners and resellers worldwide

Channel partners, like resellers, have long been offering conferencing products to their customers to help them communicate and collaborate for meetings with remote teams or for sales demos. Conferencing applications have been enhanced with team collaboration features as well as with more capabilities so an employee can launch a conference call straight from email or instant messaging tools. For channel partners that offer other communication products like VoIP for example this type of solutions can be a great addition to their product portfolio.

Below is a list of the best Conferencing software channel partners like resellers, VARs, consultants etc. that either offer such tools currently or are looking to partner with a new vendor to add more products to their portfolio.

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Connect With VOIP

Connect With VOIP supplies numbers to Telco’s (telecom companies), Resellers, Corporate multinationals worldwide and End users. We portfolio includes Voice Termination and Voice Origination (Domestic Premium Rate Numbers, GEO numbers – DIDs, Freepho...

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