Collaboration and Communication

Now you can use one dashboard to communicate and unify the collaboration with all your tech partners, no matter how many partnerships you have. Switch between vendors with ease and collaborate in real-time for support, product updates, quote requests etc. without having to login to different partner portals.

Lead distribution & deal registration

Register all your deals from a single place and receive new leads from your partners. When you want to register a deal, simply select your partner and add the deal to be approved. Receive new leads from your vendors on a single tab and manage all open opportunities inside your dashboard without going back and forth with each tech partner separately.

Partner 2 Partner

Our Partner-to-Partner network allows channel companies to create one-off or long-time collaborations with other channel companies to win more deals. You can share a deal with the network to win a customer or receive relevant notifications for new deals based on your product offerings and location. To find out more about the Partner-to-Partner tool and to make the best of it please use the following link to read more.

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New partnerships

Choose from more than 1.000 SaaS and cloud vendors in about 100 different product categories to find your next tech partners and innovative products to add to your portfolio. Also, the more partners you have in your network the more you increase your chances to receive new leads and deals from your network.

More Powerful Features:

Every account includes features to help channel companies with marketing & sales material, onboarding and increase their exposure to potential clients. Some of them are:

  • Public profile
  • Onboarding material from new partnerships
  • Content library from vendors with material for sales & marketing, product documentation etc.
  • Unlimited team members


All our features are free for channel companies. As a matter of fact we don’t even have a premium plan. Just one plan, free forever, no credit details required to get started.


0 $/Month
  • Unlimited tech partners

    You can add and manage unlimited tech partners to your network.

  • Unlimited Leads And Deal Registration

    Receive unlimited leads from both your partners and our Partner-to-Partner network and register all your deals without limits

  • Unlimited Storage and team members

    Send and receive all the documents you require. Add as many team members as you’d like.

Some of the top tech vendors already using our platform

Repsly, Inc


Evernote GmbH